Can Ripple roll back or block a transaction? CEO Brad Garlinghouse responds

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Can Ripple roll back or block a transaction? CEO Brad Garlinghouse responds

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, in a recent meeting discussed about a number of issues such as future of Ripple, Madonna & Ashton Kutcher supporting XRP, whether Surge could curtail or obstruct a deal and even more.

In the TechCrunch Disrupt seminar in San Fransisco, Michael Arrington asked Garlinghouse if Surge could curtail a deal. “Never.” Clearing up the complication Garlinghouse responded saying, “This is among the fun kind of false information things people say that like Surge can block a purchase– not real. Can we roll back a deal? Not real.”

Arrington better takes place to ask if it implies that they can but they will not. To which, Garlington once more ensures that they really cannot.

Ripple Chief Executive Officer on XRP vs Bitcoin in regards to decentralisation

In the meeting, interviewer, Mike Butcher claimed, “… apparently libertarians to this particular day, rail against Surge and XRP and also anybody who take care of them, consisting of Arrington XRP. So Brad, a few of these libertarians, a few of them, really, essentially, called you the adversary, Lucifer.”

To which, Garlinghouse responds claiming he’s not and also attempts to prove the factor after Arrington provokes him to. He claimed, “If you intend to change the method settlements function, if you really intend to revolutionize the means transactions operate in this respect, it’s not gon na occur by everybody quiting their existing infrastructure and just changing to something brand-new as high as I am really a dish on Bitcoin (BTC). The Bitcoin blockchain is not mosting likely to be one journal to rule them all.”

While discussing concerning Bitcoin blockchain as well as XRP Journal, Brad Garlinghouse claimed, “… miners control 50% of the [Bitcoin blockchain], by any kind of step, the XRP Ledger is a lot more decentralized than the Bitcoin blockchain.”


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